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NOTE: This page focuses on Mika's misdeeds throughout the story. For her good deeds, Click here.


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It's like a black screen appearance here☆ Yeah. I'm the mastermind behind all of this. I'm the real traitor to Trinity.
~ Mika revealing her true nature.
Sensei, I'm sorry, I'm always like this. A troublemaker like me has broken Sensei's heart time and time again. I know I can't be by your side, but, but, but, but, but, but. I can't. I have no place to go back to. Not to Trinity, not anywhere. Because I'm a traitor to Trinity, a public enemy, and a witch who's hurt Seia-chan time and time again. I know that if I'm kicked out of the academy, I'll never see Nagi-chan, Sensei, or anyone else I care about again⋯⋯. If I'm no longer a student... a troublemaker like me, you won't see me anymore. I know there's no happy future for me anymore... because I'm a villain... because I'm a murderer... so... this is all I have left... but you girls... Why! I've lost everything I care about! I've had everything taken from me! And you!
~ Mika's regretting her actions and insecure breakdown from Saori Joumae.


Mika Misono (In Japanese: 聖園ミカ, Misono Mika) is a major antagonist turned supporting character in the 2021 roleplay RPG game, Blue Archive. She is one of the three student council presidents at Trinity General Academy and the head of the Pater Faction, one of the three major factions that make up the Tea Party, Trinity's student council. She is the central antagonist turned one of the main protagonists of the main story's third volume, the "Treaty of Eden" alongside Saori Joumae.

She is voiced by Nao Tōyama.

Her Evil Ranking[]

What Makes Her Heinous?[]

  • Mika, like most Trinity students, hated Gehenna Academy, Trinity's opposing school that dated since long ago, since Trinity represents angels and order while Gehenna represents demons and chaos.
  • During the Treaty of Eden volume, Mika gained support from Trinity's long exiled branch, Arius Branch School, to attempt a coup and cancel the ongoing Eden Treaty, a peace treaty between Trinity and Gehenna, because she couldn't stand having to work together with Gehenna students.
  • As she worked alongside Arius, she falsified documents to secretly transfer Azusa Shirasu, an Arius student, into Trinity, despite the other Tea Party members making it very clear they aren't into the idea of reconciling with Arius. Additionally, she worked together with the Arius Squad to take down the other Tea Party presidents, Nagisa Kirifuji and Seia Yurizono, who are also her friends.
  • During Chapter 4 of the Treaty of Eden volume, which was after Mika's failed coup attempt, her friend Seia fell into a coma, and the blame was pinned on Mika, which subjected her into a mental breakdown and led her to blame Arius Squad's leader, Saori Joumae, for manipulating and positioning her into her current situation. She then broke out of prison to exact her revenge by attempting to kill her.

What Makes Her Inconsistent?[]

  • For several reasons, Mika is too sympathetic. She appears as innocent and childlike due to her impulsiveness and unadeptness in critical thinking. Her emotions are easily manipulated by people, which makes her controlled by those wanting to abuse her power and position.
    1. For one, Mika suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), meaning her insecurities lead her to destructive actions, which is apparent in several occasions. For instance, her original plan of working together with Arius was intended to be a reconciliation method for Arius and Trinity. However, Beatrice, Arius' student council president at that time, ordered Saori to manipulate her plan into an opportunity for Arius to take over Trinity. Mika's plan of reconciliation went awry, as though she only wanted to take her fellow Tea Party presidents down so she could become host to stop the Eden Treaty, she heard news that Seia, one of them, was dead due to being attacked by the Arius Squad, which led her to fall into a state of insecurity and belief that she couldn't back down now, so she proceeded to continue on with her coup.
    2. As previously mentioned, Mika had difficulties controlling her emotions, which allowed for manipulation by others like Beatrice, who used her as her scapegoat. Who once had a high-ranking became such a defiled person hated by many because her plan for genuine reconciliation was turned into a failed coup attempt. It did not help that Trinity had a considerable amount of radical students who would keep assaulting and mocking her and would stop at nothing until the "perpetrator" was punished heavily, which eventually let to Mika's mental breakdown. Despite that, she realized her mistakes greatly, only pushing forward with her revenge because she believed there was no turning back for her. When given the second chance, she genuinely made an effort to change, even forgiving the Arius Squad who she originally believed to be the ones who placed her in such a condition. This is even more apparent during one of her Relationship Stories where her school swimsuit was torn apart by several school bullies. Though she wanted to harm them physically, she held herself back and voluntarily sent herself off to detention for just thinking about it.
    3. The story made it clear Mika just wanted to feel happy and loved, which can also be seen from her "MomoTalk" status which says "Looking for someone to talk to!" Though she claimed she didn't mind being alone and hated by friends, she deeply cared for her friends and didn't want to be abandoned. She is vulnerable to emotional attacks, which led to her emotional breakdown in the first place.
  • In addition to her genuine love for her friends, she is also in love with Sensei, Blue Archive's main character, who was one of the people who tried to comfort her and tell her she didn't have to protrude this hatred and need for vengeance of hers, which led to Mika genuinely crying and deeply regretting her actions. Her dependence on them is even more emphasized through her Relationship Stories, which all revolve in Mika trying to gain their attention while not getting them to hate her.
  • Despite her heinous actions, she has proven to regret everything and improved herself in various qualities. One notable action was during one of the episodes in the Treaty of Eden volume's fourth chapter, titled "Kyrie for Courageous Girls", where she found an old yet working gramophone which played "Kyrie Eleison", a song of forgiveness. During this moment, she prayed and forgave the Arius Squad, wishing they would get the happy ending they so desired, even though she believed she herself wouldn't get one. Additionally, she was also seen happily interacting with other students, including Gehenna students, during Blue Archive's 3rd PV for their 1st Anniversary.


  • Given that Mika is The Blue Archive depiction of the Archangel Michael, she is the only Inconsistently Heinous version of Archangel Michael. she's also the most tragic incarnation of the fictional villain Archangel Michael.
  • She, alongside Oliver Grayson, Doctor Octopus (Raimiverse) and The Collector are the four characters on the Inconsistently Heinous Wiki to also be in the Pure Good Wiki.
  • She is the only playable character in the Blue Archive's Inconsistently Heinous.

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